Born to be awesome !

Tim Harris on living with down syndrome: “I call it born to be awesome!”
This is the inspiring story of Tim Harris, a man who has down syndrome and owns the “worlds friendliest restaurant”. Tim opens up about battling bullies and the importance of hugging.
Customers get free hugs, and every morning Tim Harris, 27, does a magical dance when he goes to work. Despite his condition, Tim proves to be the kind of loving person everyone should strive to be.
Tim opened up his restaurant, Tim’s Place, in Albuquerque, USA, in 2010. It serves Mexican food, breakfast specialties and Belgian waffles, among a lot of other delicious items on the menu. But though it may taste great, it’s not the food that attracts the most customers. Tim himself is famous for giving out hugs to his patrons.

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Tim’s Place: World’s Friendliest Restaurant
Breakfast, Lunch, and Hugs
The key to our concept is the customer service experience. We believe that people have a huge appetite for being genuinely welcomed, connected with, touched, appreciated, and genuinely cared for. We believe too many experiences in our busy modern lives are impersonal, sterile, and devoid of genuine human connection. You won’t find that at Tim’s Place.
The management and staff of Tim’s Place work as “team members”. When you visit Tim’s Place we’re sure you will have a positive, unforgettable experience.

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Posted on July 20, 2014 in Remarkable people

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