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The future of farming?

TOKYO—Toshiba, the Japanese technology conglomerate with a lineage dating back to the 19th century, is looking for growth in a whole new way. In a sterilized clean room about 35 miles outside of Tokyo, where Toshiba used to make floppy disks in the 1980s and 90s, the company is now starting to grow thousands of…

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World’s first solar bike lane

The world’s first solar bike lane is soon to be available for use in the Netherlands! The bike path that connects the Amsterdam suburbs of Krommenie and Wormerveer is a 70-meter stretch of solar-powered roadway set to open for the public on November 12th, 2014. The new solar road, which costs €3m, was created as…

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Algae that ‘eats’ CO2 from the road below

For the garden festival Genève: Villes et Champs, The Cloud Collective was selected to execute one of the 13 gardens for the summer of 2014. The festival focuses on the co-habitation of the urban and the natural within the context of the urban expansion of Geneva. Our site, a viaduct over a small highway, is…

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Nature is speaking – Julia Roberts is Mother Nature

Mother nature has spoken. She doesn’t need people. People need her. For food, water and air. We even look to nature for joy and inspiration. So will we continue to destroy our life source or will we listen?

Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford and Ian Somerhalder all join forces to give nature a voice. Watch the films and take action at nature is speaking


The e-trike revolution

A new Dutch scheme aims to distribute local fare more sustainably, unclog the streets and reduce Amsterdam’s 15 million annual food miles. In recent years, Amsterdam has earned a reputation as a genuine smart city. This is not because it is building megastructures filled with interconnected digital sensors and robots, but rather because the city…

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Eco designer Michelle Brand

Michelle Brand is an eco designer maker based in Manchester, England. Her work is in direct response to environmental problems, and her inspiration evolves from the unseen beauty of everyday objects. ‘Once a plastic drinks bottle is empty it is perceived as redundant and is thrown away. I wanted to challenge this wasteful paradigm’ Michelle…

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Yes You Can!

According to Wassili Zafiris we don’t have to feel helpless regarding the world wide crisis we are facing today. In a short film he explains in a simple and motivating way what we can do about it. He talks about how inspiration does become natural and how we can connect deep human drives to deep…

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Keep New York alive

The animated short film “Long Live New York”, directed by 2014 Oscar-winner Laurent Witz, aims to ignite a movement in New York. It aims to inspire New Yorkers to step-up to help other New Yorkers, and ultimately ensure New York stays strong. A great movie with a strong message.


Give to the people who are giving to the homeless

YouTube prankster Big Daws loves making prank videos, but every once in a while he really enjoys making a feel good video. What better way to give back than giving to people who give? I really think the whole concept is genius and completely original. Everyone on Youtube has been making videos about giving to…

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A very funny movie against racism

It’s a short movie, but maybe one of the most powerful against racism. And if you think that racism no longer exists in Europe, here are some crazy facts… In the UK black people on average use less drugs than white people, but are 6 times more likely to be stopped and searched for drugs.…

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Turn guns & bullets into jewelry

In 2000, while working in Africa, Peter Thum met people who didn’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. In response, he created Ethos Water. In 2005 Ethos was acquired by Starbucks and has provided more than $7 million in grants to fund water and sanitation programs for half a million people worldwide. In 2008,…

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Scrubbing the Skies

Pulling CO2 back out of the air might be easier than building jets and cars that don’t emit it. Every time you drive to work, or worse yet, fly on a plane, the vehicle emits carbon dioxide that will stay in the atmosphere, warming the planet for thousands of years. Does it have to? Trees…

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Homeless shelter transformed

Prankster Greg Benson of Mediocre Films has joined with Break’s ‘Prank it Fwd’ campaign to take part in positive pranks for a change. For his uplifting prank, he turned the Ascenciaca homeless shelter in Glendale, California into a 5-star restaurant. Fifty homeless people were blown away when they entered what they thought was their boring…

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Info lady Farhana is discussing in farmer’s session with farmers and showing them useful video content about fertilizer as well an awareness building video about arsenic. mothor para, Ghori doho, Gaibanda

‘ Infoladies ‘ bring change

Nilufer Yasmin is a young woman, who lives in the northern town of Bogra. She is an “Infolady”, one of more than 50 young women in rural Bangladesh who reach the country’s remotest villages, on bicycle, to provide health, agricultural and information technology services. As an Infolady she connects to a government service that provides…

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99 Year old woman makes new a dress every day for a child in need

Lillian Weber makes a dress from scratch every single day so that a child in need will have something beautiful to wear. Throughout the last few years, Weber has made more than 840 dresses for Little Dresses for Africa [] , a nonprofit that distributes dresses to impoverished young girls in Africa and beyond. Weber…

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solar power tuk tuk

Solar-powered tuk tuk

A few years ago, Naveen Rabelli, 33, an electrical engineer from Bangalore, India, had an idea while sitting in traffic surrounded by the ubiquitous and polluting three-wheel vehicles known colloquially as tuk tuks. Why not, he recalls thinking, make one that runs on solar-electric power? Then he had the idea to take a road trip…

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Fertilizing home grown herbs with fish poop

Alex & Nacho, from Rotterdam (The Netherlands), are trying to Kickstart their idea on fertilizing home grown fruits and vegetables with fish poop. Their project, with the name EcoFarm, is based on aquaponics technique and is able to grow herbs and cherry tomatoes fertilizing them with the waste of a fish. They believe that local…

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Stylist spends every sunday cutting hair for homeless

Mark Bustos is a hair stylist at an upscale salon in New York City, but not all of his clientele have to be wealthy to get a quality trim. Sometimes, they don’t need a penny. Bustos spends every Sunday — his only day off from work — venturing through the city in search of anyone in need…

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“ Invisible ” Solar panels are on the Way

Window gazers of the future may soon find themselves looking right through an energy-producing transparent glass solar panel, if the folks at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory are on the right track. Working with the company New Energy Technologies, Inc., the lab has produced a transparent photovoltaic module that is 14 times bigger than its…

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Children are painting the future

At Toyota the people believe that the children who dream and develop their imagination create the future. See the children who are captivated by the power of dreams and let their imagination ride far. For the 7th time, the Japanese car manufacturer organizes the ‘Dream Car Art Contest’ in which children from all over the…

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