The fair sweatshirt!


You couldn’t have missed it: there is an awful lot of things wrong in the textile industry. On a large scale people and the environment are burdened. With modern slavery, disease and environmental pollution as a result. Due to the high demand for cheap clothing, there are structural flaws in the fashion industry. But we can also do it in a right way. Solidaridad proves this with the fair sweater: 100% ecological cotton, 100% fair for farmers and workers, a better product for a better price.

The fair sweater is the most comfortable sweatshirt because it has no flaws. Each step in the manufacturing process is made with care and attention for people and nature. From the farmers cotton seeds to healthy working conditions in the clothing factory: everything is fair.

With the fair sweater, Solidaridad wants to inspire fashion brands to improve the textile industry. The more people wear the fair sweater, the better. You can order the sweater online (in Dutch only):

More information about the textile industry can be found on:

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Posted on January 29, 2015 in Great initiatives, Inspiration

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