One of the things we love to do is creating motion graphics. When work & play blend together, you’ll get stuff like below. Some behind the scenes, some mini tutorials, or just stuff; all sped up to be under 2 minutes each. If you don’t understand what’s happening - that’s fine. If you are into motion graphics, you might want to hit the pause button every now and then.


Building an ‘interactive’ holographic sculpture out of a flat image. With some motion tracking & MoGraph trickery, and 'uglifying' Serena in post to match the not so brilliant smartphone footage;} Sound by: http://www.studio-solo.com


A small spin-off from a chesstoppers.com movie. Modelled & sculpted a knight to replicate a hand carved chess piece (base shape captured with Autodesk’s recap360). With some handy controls for easy animation on this magnetic chess board setup and a custom DOF camera.


A knitting rig to build and animate any pattern up to 24 wires (x6=144 wires), packed with xpresso & coffee nodes (& 1 line of python:). Almost a decade ago, I figured out this greyhound pattern with pen & paper.. this time I used my wacom.


Using the proximal shader to drive dynamics & vice versa. Check out the fake dynamic string setup @00:53, which always comes in handy. Only 2 keyframes were harmed for a simple camera move.


A tricycle rig made to correctly follow a path. With added controls for the chains, paddles, gears, steer & wires. I ended up making a dynamic motor powered


It’s always good when things go wrong the right way. While playing with a fairly simple cloner setup, happy accidents occurred when introducing a depth map. And the best part; you’ll get all the extra animation for free.


Playing around with a Physically Based Render engine within C4D. PBR isn’t perfect (yet), but it runs smooth in the viewport & renders like crazy with the hardware


Turning a photo into a 3D scene, just because I was in the mood for some projection mapping. A mini rig with dynamics and wind, with small controls and animations


A spin off from an extensive user controlled puppet rig, this time based on break dancing motion captures. The main trick is building geometry out of skeleton


A 4 beamer setup for a 360 degrees sculpture projection. This kind of projection has been done a few times in the past by big teams with large studio setups. I decided to tackle this on my own. The sculpture - not having obvious seams (from a projector point of view) - made this project more challenging than for example a car projection.


A butterfly rig with all kinds of built in controls. Body parts dynamically moving along during flight and with flexible wings built to simulate lifelike movements.


A super fast and low poly game level generator - based on (noise) patterns. Flying through bone like structures, built with VR glasses in mind.