Mercedes F-CELL Roadster: Hydrogen-Powered Buggy Concept

“The department of weird cars is complaining about a weird vehicle,” Jeremy Clarkson could say. We think we found the modern classic among the modern classics. With an engine that runs on hydrogen, fuel and electricity. We can’t wait until this car goes in production.

Cool Mercedes F-Cell Roadster

The car is purported to contain all of Mercedes top-shelf technologies and boasts a carbon fiber and fiberglass body structure, a compact 1.2 kW fuel cell for power generation and a top speed of 25 km/h. The car also does away with silly inventions like the steering wheel and goes back to a joystick for control, which is like an updated version of the tiller found on the 1886 Benz Patent Motor Car. Oh yeah, there’s also the big, silly spoked bicycle wheels.

Mercedes F-Cell Roadster battery

Mercedes F-Cell Roadster top view

old and new Mercedes


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Posted on March 2, 2016 in Innovations

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