Project Description

How do you motivate your fellow workers to focus on selling a service or product when it is perceived to be a timely process to actually make a sale? This was our customer BCC’s challenge for their telecom products. Mindd suggested to add some fun to the sales process. Because fun is missing too often on the sales floor. That’s why we developed the campaign “Jetzt get’s los”.

Three striking emailings were sent to the sales teams of all 58 stores. Every week they could take part in a creative little contest. The emailings had three objectives: getting the right vibe within the teams, informing teams about the sales tasks and tracking sales of individual sales people. The campaign ended with a big bang by going to Tirol to continue the work floor fun in the snow. Adding some fun might be what you need to increase motivation and sales!

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Project Details

Client: BCC

Tags: Sales campaigns

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