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Mercedes F-CELL Roadster: Hydrogen-Powered Buggy Concept

“The department of weird cars is complaining about a weird vehicle,” Jeremy Clarkson could say. We think we found the modern classic among the modern classics. With an engine that runs on hydrogen, fuel and electricity. We can’t wait until this car goes in production. The car is purported to contain all of Mercedes top-shelf…

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The new way of cleaning cars

It’s looks like my car is burning, but in facts someone is cleaning it for me. Today my car was cleaned with steam. I read an article about steam cleaning and was surprised how effective and environmentally friendly it is. Instead of using 30 to 40 litres to wash a car, with the steam clean…

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Segun Oyeyiola built a wind- and solar-powered Beetle

Segun Oyeyiola has managed to make something extraordinary. The engineering senior at Nigeria’s Obagemi Awolowo University spent a year retrofitting a Volkswagen Beetle into a wind and solar-powered car partially made of free scrap parts donated by friends and family. Everything else cost under $6,000. Dr. John Preston, chair of McMaster University’s engineering physics department…

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Google self-driving vehicle test rides

Self-driving car project, they’ve been working toward the goal of vehicles that can shoulder the entire burden of driving. Just imagine.


Bicycle vs car vs bus

In 1991, the City of Münster in Germany, commissioned this picture to show how the city is the ‘most liveable city world-wide’. It shows us how much space 72 people need on the road on bicycle, cars or in a bus. It obviously is not that hard to spot the differences. So next time, traffic is getting you…

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