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This 14-year-old will fix the planet before she graduates

In a dream world, every kid’s resume would look a lot like Maya Penn’s. Her dizzying fount of accomplishments by the tender age of 14 puts us all to shame. The multi-talented wunderkind is — so far! — an eco-fashion designer, children’s book author, artist, animator, coder, public speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and environmentalist. She founded…

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Info lady Farhana is discussing in farmer’s session with farmers and showing them useful video content about fertilizer as well an awareness building video about arsenic. mothor para, Ghori doho, Gaibanda

‘ Infoladies ‘ bring change

Nilufer Yasmin is a young woman, who lives in the northern town of Bogra. She is an “Infolady”, one of more than 50 young women in rural Bangladesh who reach the country’s remotest villages, on bicycle, to provide health, agricultural and information technology services. As an Infolady she connects to a government service that provides…

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Playing For Change; connecting through music.

Playing for Change is a movement to inspire and connect the world through music. The idea for this project came from a belief that music has the power

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