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The future of drones with people

Mankind has always been fascinated by the dream of flying. It requires devotion, enthusiasm and the will to overcome boundaries. It is the goal of e-volo to make this dream safer, more environmentally-friendly and affordable. To do this they have designed an aircraft which will revolutionize mobility on our planet in the foreseeable future. At…

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The perfect electricity-free underground fridge

Whether you’re interested in lessening your burden on the environment or are prepping for doomsday, you’re sure to favor the plans of an underground cooling system – aka underground fridge – which keeps produce and fine wines from spoiling before their time. The Ground Fridge, as it is called, was invented by Dutch designer Floris…

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You’d never guess these are solar generators

If you’re looking for a household solar solution, SRS Energy has some beautiful roof tiles that you’d never guess were actually solar generators. The company says that only 20%-25% of the average home roof would feature the solar tiles, with the rest of the roof being covered in standard clay tiles that look exactly the…

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