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Healthcare by garbage

Some years ago, Gamal Albinsaid -a 26 year old doctor in Indonesia- learned about a young girl who died from a disease which could have been cured easily, just because her parents couldn’t afford health care. Unfortunately this case wasn’t the only one in Indonesia; about 60% of Indonesians are uninsured. “You have many people…

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Calories for food

Foodtweeks is an app from the App Store helps people looking to decrease their calorie intake. Users tell the app what they’re about to eat and receive tips


Saveoursoils . . . _ _ _ . . .

Soils are extremely important for the future of mankind: _99,7% of our food comes directly from the soil. _Soils store more carbon than the atmosphere and all plant life combined. _Healthy soils can store large amounts of fresh water and protect us from erosion, flooding and droughts. The issue However, our soils are badly threatened.…

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