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Re-using beer bottles to create houses

In 1960, brewing magnate Alfred Heineken was visiting Curaçao, off the Venezuelan coast, when he noted with dismay the acres of trash underfoot—a good part of it produced by his own company. Heineken Breweries had an efficient bottle-return system in Holland, where the average bottle was used 30 times before being discarded. But without modern…

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The founder of modern social work

Octavia Hill (1838-1912) was a woman ahead of her time. An artist and a radical, she was a pioneer of affordable housing and can be seen as the founder of modern social work. Writing in the late 19th Century she stated that her purpose was to “make lives noble, homes happy and family life good”.…

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Tired of High Housing Prices

31 year old Alek Lisefski, a web designer by trade, was tired of conventional means of buying a house – going into hundreds of thousands in debt and spending too much money for what you get. What did he do? He decided to build his own! His goal was to focus more on “life” not the…

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