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Rise and walk

A spin-off company called SuitX, created by Berkeley researcher Homayoon Kazerooni, developed a super-lightweight exoskeleton The development five years, but now it is the cheapest on the market, making it more affordable for a big audience. They plan to sell the product from March and also a version for children will be available. Will this…

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The future of drones with people

Mankind has always been fascinated by the dream of flying. It requires devotion, enthusiasm and the will to overcome boundaries. It is the goal of e-volo to make this dream safer, more environmentally-friendly and affordable. To do this they have designed an aircraft which will revolutionize mobility on our planet in the foreseeable future. At…

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Mercedes F-CELL Roadster: Hydrogen-Powered Buggy Concept

“The department of weird cars is complaining about a weird vehicle,” Jeremy Clarkson could say. We think we found the modern classic among the modern classics. With an engine that runs on hydrogen, fuel and electricity. We can’t wait until this car goes in production. The car is purported to contain all of Mercedes top-shelf…

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The perfect electricity-free underground fridge

Whether you’re interested in lessening your burden on the environment or are prepping for doomsday, you’re sure to favor the plans of an underground cooling system – aka underground fridge – which keeps produce and fine wines from spoiling before their time. The Ground Fridge, as it is called, was invented by Dutch designer Floris…

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Soccer ball generates energy for light

Soccket is a soccer ball that, when kicked around, stores energy that can power small appliances in underdeveloped villages. Nearly 1.2 billion people around the world lack access to reliable electricity. That’s almost one fifth of humanity. When people don’t have access to electricity, they have to rely on dirty or dangerous energy sources like…

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Washing machine that uses beads

As consumers become more concerned about the earth’s resources and the costs of energy sources, companies are working on new ways to manage our laundry. Xeros, a company based near Sheffield, South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, has developed a cleaning system that uses seventy percent less water than ordinary models and eliminates energy-intensive spin cycles…

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