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Knitting behind bars

Lynn Zwerling, 67, retired in 2005 and didn’t know what to do with her time, so she followed her passion and started a knitting group in her town. The group quickly grew to 500 members. “I looked around the room one day and noticed how relaxed it was,” Zwerling says. “Here were people who didn’t…

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Info lady Farhana is discussing in farmer’s session with farmers and showing them useful video content about fertilizer as well an awareness building video about arsenic. mothor para, Ghori doho, Gaibanda

‘ Infoladies ‘ bring change

Nilufer Yasmin is a young woman, who lives in the northern town of Bogra. She is an “Infolady”, one of more than 50 young women in rural Bangladesh who reach the country’s remotest villages, on bicycle, to provide health, agricultural and information technology services. As an Infolady she connects to a government service that provides…

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This guy began with nothing and builds his dream house in 6 weeks

When people dream of their ideal home, they probably expect to spend some serious money for it. This was not the case for Steve Areen.

Man with no limbs teaches people how to get up

Born with Tetra-amelia syndrome. A rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. He struggled as a child

9 yr old boy’s sign says, ‘god hates no one’

9 yr old boy’s sign says, ‘god hates no one’… I’m not at all religious but the little boy’s sign is awesome on so many levels…

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