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A genius new six-pack that solves a big environmental problem

Chris Gove loves the ocean so much, he named his brewery after it. Gove, who opened Saltwater Brewing in 2013 with four childhood friends, is an avid surfer and devotee of all things aquatic, including marine life. The problem? Selling six-packs of beer meant producing a lot of plastic waste… …which all too frequently finds…

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Car giant experiments with food waste from ketchup production

Dried tomato skins left over from the making of Heinz ketchup are to be used inside Ford cars as a plant-based alternative to plastic.

Boyan Slat invents a V-shaped plastic collector

A beach where the promised snow-white beach in reality littered with plastic – many tourists have been there. The large amounts of plastic waste in the oceans reveals many people worry all times. The 19-year-old inventor Boyan Slat from Delft, The Netherlands, thinks he has found a solution.


Clean Oceans And Clean Dishes

Ocean Plastic is the biggest issue most of us have never heard of (yet). It affects every major body of water. Wach this documantary about clean oceans.

Plastic Whale

The first professional plastic fishing company was founded in Amsterdam. Their goal is to free the waters from plastic and use it to create design objects. There mission is to gou out of business, because in this case overfishing is a positive phenomenon. To free the canals of Amsterdam of plastic waste is a great…

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LA became biggest city to ban plastic bags

Starting Jan. 1 2014, large grocery chains in Los Angeles can no longer offer plastic shopping bags at the checkout line.

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