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Re-using beer bottles to create houses

In 1960, brewing magnate Alfred Heineken was visiting Curaçao, off the Venezuelan coast, when he noted with dismay the acres of trash underfoot—a good part of it produced by his own company. Heineken Breweries had an efficient bottle-return system in Holland, where the average bottle was used 30 times before being discarded. But without modern…

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Free solar power

Peru has initiated a program that will provide more than 2 million of its poorest citizens with electricity from solar panels — for free.

Can money buy Happiness?

Before I saw this movie, I didn’t believe money could buy happiness. I traveled around the world to many poor places myself, and saw with my own eyes how difficult it is to give money instead of a helping hand. Often I got the feeling that giving money could be a waste of time, energy…

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The world as 100 people – info graph

He has a very original way of presenting information. Useing a graph where the world is a 100 people.

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