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Beer brewed from waste water

A San Francisco brewery is using Nasa technology to make beer with water from sinks and showers, while other brewers are finding new ways to go green. In autumn of 2014 – three years into California’s devastating drought – architect Russ Drinker became fixated on brewing beer from recycled greywater (that is, water that’s been…

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Another “no” for bottled water.

A Business Insider column noted that two-thirds of the bottled water sold in the United States is in individual 16.9-ounce bottles, which comes out to roughly $7.50 per gallon. That’s about 2,000 times higher than the cost of a gallon of tap water. And most people say it doesn’t tast better then bottled water. But…

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Annoyed Dutch guy

Tommy Kleyn rides his bike every day to work. A beautiful ride by the water, but Tommy got annoyed every time he rode by one stretch of the river which was covered with plastic bottles and other garbage. He decided to take action and vowed to fill one big garbage bag with trash every time…

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From human waste to drinking water in 5 minutes

Janicki Bioenergy designed and built a machine that can be a real game changer in many parts of the world. It turns human waste into drinkable water


Peter Chilvers – the boy who changed watersports

Not achieved by the established order but by very young open minded people. Like in 1958, when 12-year-old Peter Chilvers created the very first sailboard.

Billboard creates drinking water out of thin air

The billboard system uses reverse osmosis, a water purifying process, and then stores the water in tanks that hold 20 liters each.

Drinking water from an edible bottle

How to get rid of the ever growing pile of used plastic bottles? Just invent the edible bottle!

A year without showering

As of today it has been one year since my last shower. Yes, I know that sounds crazy and a year ago I would have agreed with you. I was a regular showering guy for the first 26 years of my life. Well, maybe not every single day, but just about. So how does a…

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Water Purification Using Sunlight

This system was not designed as a first-line water purification system; rather it would serve to remove stubborn harmful molecules from water.

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