When doing the right thing is a differentiator

iwantmyname team

We host as many of our domain names with www.iwantmyname.com. The first reason was that it was a no-nonsense interface and process. And if you have a question, the small team answers quickly. (And it is in the same timezone). And somehow it felt like they did it the right way.

Digging a bit deeper, it becomes clear that that no-nonsense interface, process and handling questions personally and quickly comes from a belief: do the right thing.

It seems so logical, but it is strange in the Domain name world. Because at iwantmyname they will NOT:

  1. Place ads or parking pages on unused domains
  2. Take part in secondary market activities such as auctions or premium names
  3. Prevent you from transferring a domain away
  4. Do domain front-running with your domain searches
  5. Publish or sell expiring domain lists
  6. Register your domains in their name
  7. Annoy you with upsells or other unwanted offers
  8. Every domain registered with us supports a global aid initiative.

I like how it all comes back round: When we help our clients, for instance in Bali, with a website, and we register the domain with iwantmyname. Our customer directly supports training students and farmers in the art of sustainable permaculture.

(Photo: the iwantmyname team, taken from their website.)

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Posted on March 17, 2017 in Great initiatives

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